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We also love to do vehicles wraps in Boise. We love colors and branding and getting your wrap work just perfect.


Direct to substrate printing is just like it sounds. It allows printing directly onto the chosen substrate. This service allows a graphic image or sign to be printed directly on the the flat panel of wood or whatever directly from your digital file. Another name for the direct to substrate printing process is UV flatbed printing. Graphics printed with this method employ UV curable inks. The inks are put down and will cure onto most any flat rigid substrate. The panel should be under 4” thick. The UV light source causes an “instant dry.” This direct to substrate printing process yields a high quality image meaning they have great color saturation and are tack sharp. UV direct prints are durable and stand up to normal traffic. The types of surfaces  typically used are glass, plexiglass, metal, wood, plastics, and a variety of papers. UV direct printing opens up creative floodgates for creating rich textural displays and signs. The UV flatbed printer  at our location has a bed which is four by eight feet. 


Our UV flatbed printer can print photo quality imagery directly onto almost any material. With our ability to print white ink, the board can be any color or even clear and still get great-looking results. Plus, our UV ink has excellent outdoor durability.


Saves both financial and environmental waste by reducing the amount of steps and mounting materials needed as the image is placed directly on to the board.



UV flat bed (ultraviolet curing ink set)



Foamcore, PVC, Acrylic, Aluminum, Composites, Plywood, PETG, and Polycarbonate to name a few.



Rigid and flexible media 49”x97” up to 2” thick.



Outdoor: 5 years

Indoor: 10+ years


Paper Faced Boards

FoamCore, GatorFoam, and PosterBoard



PVC, Acrylic, Polystyrene, PETG, Polycarbonate,

Polyester, and Corrugated Plastic


Aluminum Faced Boards

Dibond, ePanel, Alumalite, Painted Aluminum,

and Mill Finished Aluminum



Painted and unpainted pressed plywood, and MDF


Other Options

Typically if the board is smooth, flat, and dust free we can print onto it. With our white ink capability we can print onto any color material and still get very vibrant colors. Combine this with our abilities to Laser cutter boards and the possibilities are endless.

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